New Members

Dearly beloved, welcome to Nkechi Evangelical Ministry.

Today is your first time of visiting us and we would love for you to be more than a visitor.

Being in Nkechi Evangelical Ministry is more than being in a church, you learn more than just the letters, the spirit of God gets a hold of your life and then his vision becomes real not only to you but he makes that vision real in such a way that others get to know what the word really is, by seeing the word of God been made manifest in your life every day, and that’s what we do; we share God’s word every day, as we minister the word God takes root in you and then you become exactly what God wants you to be.

One thing is certain you will come back with a testimony.

Please take some time to go through our life transforming resources; our blogs, our E-store where you can download messages, Uplifting Audio Album by Nkechi Favour Okata you could also visit our YouTube Channel 24/7.

We are so happy you came today and would love for you to keep coming. We would love to know you more.

If you would love to know more about the Ministry we are always happy to help, kindly reach us below…